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Medford Planning Board Unanimously Approves Long-Awaited Renovation And Expansion

By Douglas D. Melegari

Staff Writer

MEDFORD—A long-awaited project to renovate and expand an “existing supermarket building,” last occupied in 2014 at the Village of Taunton Forge Shopping Center, at the corner of Tuckerton Road and Taunton Boulevard in Medford Township, received final major site-plan approval, as well as amended preliminary/final phasing-plan approvals, from the municipal Planning Board on Jan. 26, representing a major step forward toward further redevelopment of the intersection.

And while an initial plan for the project presented to the board last November had called for the removal of additional trees, primarily in a roadside buffer alongside Tuckerton Road, as well as tree pruning in the buffer, all in a bid to increase visibility of the shopping center, the DePetris family, which owns the plaza and is the project applicant, received appreciation for coming back to board last week “with a commitment to keep the trees” there (that aren’t dead or hazardous) and also “addressing the township’s concerns” by dropping the plans for tree pruning, among other conditions it agreed to.


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