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Fixture Of 20 Years In The Local Fitness Industry To Open Gym In Village Of Taunton Forge

By Douglas D. Melegari

Staff Writer

MEDFORD—For Sue Gallagher Holton, who is known locally as “Sue”, the owner of the all-new Anytime Fitness franchise, which is set to open its doors in the Medford Township-based Village of Taunton Forge Shopping Center come January, “motivation is the spark that lights the flame,” and, she added, “it takes discipline to keep the flame burning.”

Sue, who previously owned the National Personal Training Institute for 15 years, where she ran a certification program for personal trainers, in addition to serving as a personal trainer for many area gyms, told this newspaper she never actually had a “goal” of opening a gym.

“Then COVID happened,” Sue explained. “I was out of work for about six months and people were banging down my door, asking to train with me.”


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